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Feb 13, 2008

Published Feb 13, 2008

Episode 41  SHOW NOTES 

A table full of listeners joined me at the Friday night banquet.  Jack Duffy and his daughter Anna Marie, Mark Baldwin, and Sue  and Albert Sevy all joined my husband and I and we had a grand time. 

- Day of the week at the Search for ancestors website
- Thanks to George Morgan of the Genealogy Guys Podcast for talking about the Genealogy Gems Podcast on their Jan 16, 2008 podcast. 

From Betty:  Abbott & Costello Christmas DVD features several spots for Christmas Seals featuring celebrities such as Rosemary Clooney.
From Melissa: a silhouette done 30 years ago in Paris by a street vendor.  
Jim Mowatt of HistoryZine Podcast in Britain    

My book Genealogy Gems: Ultimate Research Strategies from Season One of the Genealogy Gems Podcast   The book is now out of print. Please visit the Genealogy Gems Store. 

GEM: Valentines Special
Sit back and enjoy these yesteryear stories of loveâand perhaps they will inspire you to ask around your family for the origins of the ties that bind in your tree.  First, a Depression era story of love between Pauline Herring &JB Moore  

Nov. 2, 1934  Remember me and donât forget,  the blue eyed Girl is my pick yet.   (Below: Valentine JB sent to Pauline)


Next, is the story of Raymond Cooke and Isabelle Osborne.  Raymond was born in Tunbridge Wells, England in 1894.  He immigrated from England to Saskatchewan Canada in 1912, and in his autobiography he tells the story of how his love of music led to his finding the love of his lifeâ 

"Take your girlie to the movies" was performed by Irving Kaufman on May 19, 1919.  Story read by Jim Mowatt of the Historyzine Podcast.Ragtime music by Frederick Hodges  available on CD.

Raymond Cooke and Isabelle Osborne 50th wedding anniversary 

Happy Valentines Day!   

Take Your Girlie to the Movies   
When the show is over And its time to leave
on't forget to brush the powder From your sleeve...
Take your girlie to the movies if you can't make love at home 
(Original sheet music at the Indiana University Sheet Music Collections website!  Take Your Girlie to the Movies Sheet Music)