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Sep 24, 2009


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How to Order Key Civil War Records by Tamie Dehler, Tribune-Star 


A listener writes in to share her experience with Genealogy Wise
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GEM: Probate Records with Jana Broglin, CG

How to Find Probate Records:

  1. Research the local jurisdiction
  2. Find where wills are filed
  3. Look in Index of Testators or General Index to Wills
  4. Request the packet

Jana's Tips:

  1. Don't overlook Vouchers / Receipts
  2. Ask for numerous short pages to be photocopied onto one page
  3. Just because you find a guardianship record, don't assume both parents are deceased.

Visit Jana's Web Site

GEM: Sorting your bookmarks alphabetically in Safari (Mac)
Thanks to listener Eiya Loki

How to Sort Bookmarks:

1.  On the top of your screen click on Bookmarks
In Bookmarks drop down menu click on Show All Bookmarks
3.  In the left pane under Collections click on Bookmarks Menu
click on any bookmark in the right pane
Go directly up to Edit at the top of your screen and click on it
Click on Select All from the drop down menu
Open up Finder and make a folder on your desktop called "bookmarks"
Double click on the folder to open it up.
Then on your keyboard press Command-J. This will open a little window.
10. About in the middle of this window you will see the words Arrange By: with a drop down menu right next to it, click the drop down menu option Name.
11. Now go back to Safari and drag a third of Safari's window out of screen
Position the finder in the empty half of the screen.
Go back to the Bookmarks Menu
Click and drag all of your bookmarks in the Finder window.
There the will be automatically sorted even the bookmarks inside folders!
Go back to Safari and re Select All to your bookmarks just as you did before but this time after you have all you bookmarks highlighted
Go back up to Edit & click Delete in the drop down window.
Go back to the Finder window and Select All just as you did before
Drag the bookmarks back into Bookmarks Menu in Safari.