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Jul 21, 2010

Published July 21, 2010



IAJGS 2010 Breakfast with the Bloggers

By Schelly Talalay Dardashti


Film:  Yoo-Hoo, Mrs. Goldbert

Visit the film's website The Goldbergs came to radio in 1929 and didn’t finish it’s TV run until 1955.   


 “Gertrude Berg who created the character Molly Goldberg was shown in polls to be the second most respected woman in America, after Eleanor Roosevelt.”


The Goldbergs at The Museum of Broadcast Communications




has added millions of family history records. The records included obituaries, birth and marriage announcements and other helpful information from 186 newspapers in 40 states.Genealogy Bank Search

 On July 14th, they released the new Australian Birth, Marriage and Death collections, which contains 14 million names between 1788 and 1985.  Angela Garner from talks about the details in her recent blog post on the Blog or search the collection directly at has announced the official closing of the acquisition of the, the leading Swedish family history website. The specifics of the acquisition are available in the full press announcement released on July 15, 2010.

Ancestry recently released a new version of the Tree-to-Go iPhone application in the iTunes App Store. Check it out at 

Also available: The Genealogy Gems Podcast App

App users: You will find a pdf article by Lisa and Wallpaper included on the app for this episode. 





Barry Helfand asked if there is an equivelant to the Bureau of Land Management in Canada for homestead records.


Here's a link to the web page at the Archives Canada about the land patents which includes a link to the Western Land Grants Database


Here's a direct link to the database which includes information for locating land grants for other provinces not included.



GEM: Interview with Genealogy Bogger Craig Manson

Visit Craig's Geneablogie Blog