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Nov 7, 2010

Published Nov 7, 2010

In this episode we take a sentimental journey back over the first 100 episodes of The Genealogy Gems Podcast including some of Lisa's favorite gems and interviews, show milestones, and listener messages.

Fave Gems:

Google Site Search - Episode 1

Vehicular Forensics - Episode 18

The Band Venice - Episode 38

Lisa's story and Heritage quilts - Episode 39

Handwriting Analysis and Leatherheads - Episode 46

Irene Johnson, Genealogist and star of the Ancestors series on PBS - Episode 80 and 82

Lisa Kudrow, Who Do You Think You Are? - Episode 81

Kendall Wilcox, the Generations Project - Episode 86

Forensic Linguistics for Genealogy with Dr. Robert Leonard - episode 89 & 90


Thanks to the following folks for the messages of congratulations:

The Staff at Family Tree Magazine

Lisa Alzo, Genealogist, Author and Speaker

Holly Hansen, President of Family History Expos

Sean Lamb, The Rip Track Podcast and Finding the Flock Blog

A.C. Ivory, Find My Ancestors Blog

Denise Levenick, "Penelope Dreadful" of the Shades of the Departed online magazine

Paula Hinkel, Chair of the Southern California Genealogical Society Jamboree

Bruce Buzbee, President, Rootsmagic

Amy Coffin, We Tree Blog

Elizabeth O'Neal, Little Bytes of Life Blog

Roger Grua

Brandt Gibson

Teri Chaffin

Maureen Taylor 

Dot Elder


Emails from Connie, Teresa, Simona, Chris and Crystal

Blogs mentioned: and

Happy 10th Episode Blog Post

Journals of Nils Lindgren



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The Genealogy Gems App Launch  

The first podcast in front of a live audience - episode 79


Sharing Gems:

Christmas in July (Sweet Memories Candy Bars) Episode 20

Family History Dislay - Episode 3

Mother's Day Plate - Episode 11


Video Gems:

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Socks to America - Episode 26

Sweet Land with Ali Selim - Episode 30

Heritage Quilts - Episode 39

Video: Using the Google News Timeline for Genealogy and Family History


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