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Mar 14, 2008

Published Mar 14, 2008

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MAILBOX:  Roxanne Diakow Moos wrote to say that she visited an aunt and uncle in Saskatchewan Canada, and they took her to visit the old homesteads of two sets of great grandparents.  "To others who look at my family history album and see those pictures they see a picture of land with nothing on it but a field but to me I can picture an old building that used to be there that raised a family and can almost picture the kids (my grandmother and her siblings) running around playing."

Learn about Tyler MacNiven's journey to find his father's birthplace in Japan in the March 4 Genealogy Gems News Blog  

GEM: Canadian Border Crossings with Kathyrn Lake Hogan - Kathryn shares with us about Canadian Border Crossings into the United States and how many of our ancestors used this economic route to immigrate.

GEM:  Digital Preservation Tips from the Library of Congress - Digital preservation Cheat Sheet. covering Computer files, finding Digital Materials, Digital Photos, email, and storage disks. And the Digital Preservation Quiz

GEM: Interview with Richard Black of the Godfrey Memorial Library

GEM:  U.S. Census Bureau - Flu Epidemic's 90th Anniversary, and the new U.S. Census History website (listen to interview: Genealogy Gems Podcast Episode #43) Genealogy Gems News Blog on March 10. 

New at the Genealogy Gems News Blog:  A tribute to Women's history month, the new TV series Who Do You Think You Are being developed for American audiences by NBC, and Senior Moments Anyone? 

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