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Apr 17, 2008

Published Apr 16, 2008

Episode 46 

Bogus Websites:

To quote their email "The Generations Network, Inc. is encouraging consumers to validate and verify the legitimacy of a website before providing credit card information or paying for services."

This is good advice.  You know the rules on the Internet really shouldn't be much different than the rules in our daily lives.  Find out about someone"s character and background before you hang out with them, and get referrals for unknown companies from people you trust.   

Family Tree Kids:

Diane Haddad on NBC San Diego

Family Tree Kids Website

Tama Generations


Movie Gem:  Leatherheads:

I'll have a link to the official website in the show notes as well as a video preview of the  movie.  Leatherheads Website



Pat Dalpiaz's grandfather "Weenie" Flynn was a star quarterback on the St. Bonaventure University (Alleghany NY) football team for 3 years.  He appeared in Ripley's Believe It or Not for his football leadership weighing only 117 pounds and leading the team to impressive victories. 

Randy Borkowski's website

Deanna Bullock wrote in to give a very good reason why you should subscribe to the free Genealogy Gems Podcast Newsletter.  SUBSCRIBE NOW  

GEM: Analyzing Your Ancestors Handwriting

Story of how Grandmpa JB and Grandma Pauline's letters came into my possession:  Episode 39.    

Listen to some of the letters in Episode 41


Paula Sassi, Certified Graphologist. 
Email.  Website

VIDEO: Paula Sassi featured on San Diego's Fox 6 News

Learn more about Handwriting Analysis at


GEM: Genealogy Gems Premium

I am VERY excited to announce that we are launching a new service:  Genealogy Gems PREMIUM.  If you enjoy the free podcast episodes that we've made available, your gonna LOVE Genealogy Gems PREMIUM!

Premium Members are going to have access to an exciting new area of the website available only to Premium members.  There you'll find Members-only premium podcast episodes.  You won't be able to hear these anywhere else!  It will be everything you love about the episodes you've heard so far, and much more.  

For about the cost of a gallon of gas or a gourmet coffee a month you'll get all of these exclusive podcasts and videos! You won't find them on iTunes. 

Paula Sassi certified graphologist has graciously agreed to analyze some lucky premium members ancestor's handwriting.  So once you are a Premium member, you will be entered for a chance to win an analysis of an ancestor's handwriting to be featured on a Premium episode. 

So won't you join me, and become a Genealogy Gems premium member today!  I guarantee you're gonna love it, or your money back.