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Jul 13, 2008

Published June 12, 2008

Episode 49 SHOW NOTES

Coming in August:  Want to know what it was like to work with Meryl Streep, Woody Harrelson, John C. Reilly, and one of my favorites Lily Tomlin?  Then tune in next month to episode 50.  I'll be chatting with Tim Russell the wonderful voice actor from the radio show and movie A Prairie Home Companion. 

Above:  Tim Russell and Garrison Keillor

We talk about his love of family history and antiques, his amazing career in a very nostaligic profession of being a radio actor  and of course his work with Garrison Keillor and al the folks at A Prairie Home Companion. 

YUMMY GEM:  Lisa's Peach Pie...Just out of the oven...

GEM:  Genealogy Society Booth at County and State Fairs.  There are many things we do as members of genealogy societies, but I think this was one of the best activities I've come across.  Genealogy society members from neighboring areas come together to introduce the public to the joy of family history.

NEW:  Family Tree Magazine July 2008 podcast episode

Podcasting Primer article including instructional video by Lisa Louise Cooke.  The article will appear in the November 2008 issue, but is available now free online. 

All together it's a great resource for your friends who haven't yet tried podcasts.  Share these resources with your friends and genealogy society.  

MAILBOX:  Premium Member Maureen Stephan shares a valuable Gem she recently found.

GEM: Train Robberies 7/18 U.S. Census Bureau

GEM: Part Two of my Interview with Kathy Lennon
In Episode 48 we got started on my interview with Kathy Lennon of the Lennon Sisters.  Kathy is such a sweetheart and so fun to talk to that I just couldn't edit any of our conversation.  So Iâm bringing it to you in two parts, and today is part two of our conversation. 

The Lennon Sisters

In this episode Kathy talks about the tragic death of her father, and the strength of character of her mother and the values she passed on to her eleven children.  She also shares some insight into being a famous Lennon sister, and tells us all about her newest venture which has a family history twist to it.

Premium Members can submit ancestor handwriting samples to be considered for an upcoming handwriting analysis by Paula Sassi, Certified Graphologist.  Iâll be selecting ones that I think will be interesting to  all the listeners.  More information in Premium Episode #7.