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Dec 1, 2008

Published Dec 1, 2008

Welcome all the NEW listeners who discovered the show at the Family History Expo in Mesa, AZ.  We're so glad you"re on board! 

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Family History Expos TV

Watching Family History Expo TV is like your own Video Conference!  If you were lucky enough to go youâll get to see the folks you may have missed and get refresher info from those you did hear, and if you weren't able to attend, this is your chance to get some great tips and ideas from the experts who were there. 

The next Family History Expo will be in St. George Feb 27 & 28, 2009

Lisaâs Classes:
Genealogy Podcasts 101
What You Must Know To Save Your Research From Destruction
Google: A Goldmine of Genealogy Gems Part I
Google: A Goldmine of Genealogy Gems Part II

And while I was in Mesa AZ, I finally got a chance to sit down and interview Dick Eastman.  Dick is always the one doing the interviewing and blogging, and I just thought it was about time I sat him down and got him to tell us his story.  And you can hear that interview in itâs entirety in Episode 5 of my other podcast Family History: Genealogy Made Easy.

I love getting to talk to genealogy experts up close and personal and I also have really gotten a lot out of going through the genealogy research process step-by-step. It's a great refresher for me as well as hopefully will help folks new to genealogy get started.  It's a lot of fun!

Fun at The Genealogy Gems News Blog

The Genealogy Hoe Down featuring genealogy blogger Miriam Robbins Midkiff, Genealogy Podcaster DearMYRTLE, Family Tree Magazine Editor Allison Stacy, and managing editor Diane Haddad.

Blog Post: Genealogists Run, Don't Walk, to Google!

Houston Public Library's Fantastic Collection Coming Online.  Listen to my interview with Susan Kaufman manager, Houston Public Library's Clayton Library Center for Genealogical Research in the October 2008 episode of the Family Tree Magazine Podcast Subscribe to The Family Tree Magazine Podcast free in iTunes.

New at Ancestry: Search the U.S. City Directories database

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Calling all Norwegian researchers!  The folks at Family Search are going to start indexing the 1875 Norway Census!   In the first week of December, they will start indexing the 1875 Norway Census. This will be a large segment of the census for rural areas of Norway, but not the entire census.  FamilySearchâs Historical Family Reconstitution unit has joined forces with the University of Troms in Norway to complete this project. The university is indexing the census records for the urban areas of Norway.  Pass the word along that anyone interested in Norwegian genealogical research is encouraged to help by volunteering as a FamilySearch indexer.

New Google Gadgets: 
iGoogle has been discontinued

Read Listener Phil Hayes's blog post about his musical mom Jeanne T. Lewis. 

GEM: Interview with Curt Witcher, of the Allen County Library
I got a chance to talk to Curt while attending the Federation of Genealogy Societies Conference in Philadelphia, PA this last Sept. 2008.  Curt explains about the wide range of census records that many genealogists aren't taking advantage of.

Name That Tune!   The Darktown Strutter Ball Sheet MusicThe Darktown Strutter Ball Sheet Music You can even watch Guy Lombardo and Royal Canadians doing the  Darktown Strutters Ball in the 1950s (video below)     

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