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May 11, 2009

Published May 11, 2008


Lisa reads an email from Mark Winter in Hixson, TN
TIP:  "I use my digital camera to help document my findings.  It is also very helpful in copying photographs so I don't have to take the originals.”

QUESTION:  “I have had several relatives ask for book of the family.  In a podcast do you discuss considerations in what kind of "book" to produce?”

ANSWER: The Genealogy Gems Podcast episode 13
I cover publishing family history books using Kodak Gallery. 

I think these books are great for creating something beautiful and easy to read to share with non-genealogist relatives.  They love them because they can read them in one sitting and they can be packed full of wonderful old family photos.

Of course there are many different approaches you can take when publishing a family history book and the Kodak books are just one approach.  Stay tuned because I plan on covering publishing more in depth in the future on the Family History: Genealogy Made Easy podcast.

If you want to share your genealogy stories or have a question do like Mark did and drop me a line.

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