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Feb 5, 2010

THANK YOU to all the genealogy bloggers who got the word out about the new Genealogy Gems iPhone app which is now available in the iTunes store:


Kimberly Powell of the About Genealogy blog 


Miriam Robbins Midkiff of Ancestories


The Genealogy Guys


Schelly Dardashti of the Tracing the Tribe blog


Amy Coffin of the We Tree blog


Lisa has gotten great feedback from those of you who have already downloaded the app from the iTunes store.   


Apple Announces the iPad


iPad News at the BBC


iRock Cartoon



Thank You: 

Lynn Palermo's blog 

Tina Lyons' Blog


Randy Seaver's Blog


Ancestry Magazine Closes It’s Doors

Ancestry Magazine will be publishing it’s last issue in March of 2010.

Go to and just type Ancestry in the search box to see past issues online. 





Question from member Teri :

Are there 3 ring binder dividers large enough to use with sheet protectors?

Lisa suggests: Avery® WorkSaver® Big Tab Insertable Dividers 11220, 5-Tab Set


Judy in Ocala requested photos of Lisa’s family history wall display describe in Episode 3.


Rebecca Pittman of Chicago asks for leads on researching ancestors who served as U.S. census enumerators.


“Do you have any recommendations for locating records about his role as a Census Enumerator? I’m sure there would’ve been an application form, payroll information, etc. for Census Enumerators. I searched Worldcat for any books on the subject and the National Archives for records and have not had any luck.”


Bill Maury, Chief of History at the U.S. Census Bureau says that  

All of the records that are available are at the National Archives in Record Group 29…the records are partial at best but some are both extensive and informative.


Episode 33 features my interview with Bill Maury


Integrated Public Use Microdata Series

Histories of Enumeration Procedures for Each Census: â


How Enumerators were appointed in 1930


Record Group 29: Records of the Bureau of the Census


Record Group 29 in Detail

(Tip:  Search the page for “Personnel”)


Mary Bowden wrote in to say she has started her own genealogy blog.

“Thanks, I loved the live podcast!”

 Me and My Ancestors Blog


Podcast listener Marie has also started blogging


Gordon Churchill asks for recommendations for a way to publish a “book of stories and events that I have been able to find, together with the dates and places, so that grandchildren and others who come to it will find something that has some life in it, not just historical records.”


Lisa suggests Kodak Gallery

Listen to Episode 13  for more on publishing a family history book with Kodak Gallery


This Podcast is sponsored by:

Tell them you heard about Rootsmagic on the Genealogy Gems Podcast!


GEM: Interview with Irene Johnson


Visit the Family History Library online


Irene’s Tip:  Do your homework before you visit the Family History Library in Salt Lake City. 


Do Your Homework Before You Come:

- Scour the online catalog

- Decide what you need

- Ask for help when you visit


Lisa’s Tip – print out the items you want from the catalogue and prioritize them.  Determine which items are available only in Salt Lake City.


Watch Irene in the Ancestors series


The Library is divided up into sections:

B2 - The British Collection

B1 - The International Floor – “the only place where you will find all the Swedish records under one roof!”  (they are scattered amongst the various archives across Sweden) 


The Vault – There are many films that are not located in the library but rather in the granite vault.   Request ahead of time, or as soon as you arrive. 


Please volunteer to Index


The Main/ 1st Floor – Computers and Family Histories