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Sep 22, 2007

Published Sept 22, 2007



RE: WorldVitalRecords - is now part of

RE: Judy's email

Rootstelevision chose "The Socks to America" as their homepage video last weekend.  

Burning podcast episodes to CD: You can still do this, but why not just show folks at your genealogy society how to download the Genealogy Gems Podcast app so that they can enjoy it too? Thanks!

Genealogy Societies are also welcome to use excerpts from my newsletter in their society newsletter when they include the following author credit "by Lisa L. Cooke, The Genealogy Gems Podcast at". 

GEM: Interview with DearMYRTLE -
DearMYRTLE Website
DearMYRTLE's Book "The Joy of Genealogy"
DearMYRTLE's Family History Hour has been discontinued.