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May 17, 2011

Published May 17, 2011

In this episode we cover little white lies told at the turn-of=-the-century about divorce, and The Photo Detective Maureen Taylor joins us from Who Do You Think You Are? Live in London.

“Cooincidence or Genealogical Serendipity?”


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National Archives EStore Opens Online “Bargain Vault”

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The National Archives UK

9 June 2011, they will be taking part in #AskArchivists Day along with other archives from around the world.

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A new service helps you synchronize between your computer desktop family tree database programs and some of the popular online family tree websites. WebSearch

Example of WebSearch:  Louise M. Chrisman who died in Indiana 




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Juliana asks about PAF and records from Brazil

FamilySearch has been adding records from Brazil recently.

Search the FamilySearch Wiki on brazil research.


Elizabeth has a question about turn of the century divorces: 

“I have found a handful of couples that around the turn of the century that had separated or divorced, but one or both of the people told the census taker they were "widowed".   Until I realized this was happening I simply took the "widowed" at face value and moved on. Are there resources you might suggest for finding divorce information around the turn of the last century?”


Marriage and Divorce, 1867-1906 Volume I by the Department of Commerce and Labor Bureau of the Census from 1909.  This is an incredibly comprehensive book covering marriage and divorce statstics for not only the U.S. but around the world. 


On page 50 the report comes right out and states:


“It should be remembered, however, that in th eUnit3ed States the number of divorced persons reported by the general census of population is grossly deficient, because many persons who are divorced, being sensitive in regard to the fact, report themselves as single or widowed.”


Search “Divorce” in the Family Search Wki




GEM:  The Photo Detective at WDYTYA in London

Interview with Maureen and some of the folks waiting in line


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